Every business needs reliable protection from the elements and one way to provide this is with a durable roof. Commercial roofing covers a building with either a low sloped roof or one with a steep pitch. The former is commonly known as a flat roof, but this is a misnomer because a flat roof would pool water and the weight from the trapped liquid could cause the structure to collapse. The latter may be more common to most people as the type of roof used on many residences. Unfortunately, every type of roof can fail and the damage could require repairs or even a new Roof Installation in Springfield MO.

The most common type of roof used on commercial buildings is a low sloped covering that uses the BUR (built up roofing) method. This type of roof installation begins with a layer of decking, typically OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. It is then covered with a layer of roofing felt or a similar membrane to keep moisture off the decking. This can be important because engineered lumber such as OSB breaks down when the wood fibers get saturated. One reason that this happens is because the fibers in the wood swell from the water and this forces them to break the bond between the wood and the glue that holds it together. Over the membrane will be a layer of asphalt and these layers are repeated several times. Finally, the BUR is covered with an aggregate or ballast.

One benefit with BUR is that the roof can be quickly repaired if the damage is not too severe. Another plus is that BUR installations can have additional layers applied whenever repairs are necessary. However, a Roof Repairs in Springfield MO should check the roof completely before this kind of repair is done because they need to verify that the supporting joists and decking can handle the additional weight. The roofer should also check any flashing or roofing details to ensure that the sealant is not cracked or damaged.

There are several alternatives to BUR. For example, there is one membrane from TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) that can provide an excellent roof. TPO is placed in long sheets and the seams are welded with automated tools. This makes the roof very dependable and the material works well for many large, commercial structures. Another possibility is EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). EPDM is a synthetic rubber that can be used on just about any size of low sloped roof. However, it should be installed by an experienced Roofer in Springfield MO because there is the possibility of shrinkage. Perhaps the most reliable roofing solution for commercial buildings is metal. Metal roofing comes in multiple styles and colors, which makes it the perfect option for a variety of commercial buildings.